Visual Arts

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The Mound Fort Visual Arts program offers students a creative outlet through the arts to explore different ways to express themselves visually. Through art, students learn how to take an idea and make it a reality in a variety of media.  They learn to think critically and creatively as they overcome obstacles in the process of creating their work. They learn to plan, manage time, evaluate their work, and problem solve both individually and with a team. The skills they learn in the arts are valuable in other areas of study and life. 

Angel Ramos

Angel Ramos

Visual Arts Instructor

Upcoming Events

Festival Of Arts
Reception night: Wednesday April 17th at the Eccles Community Center from 5-7 pm


Grand Finale Concert and Art Show

Wednesday May 8th at MFJHS commons area and auditorium  7:00 pm, free admission


Pathways of Visual Arts

Wondering which class to register for? Check out our visual art pathways below!