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Virtual Tutoring Offered
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Adam Waite

Information on the virtual tutoring offered from Weber State for students.

Adam Waite
Mound Fort Junior High School
Principal Bryan Becherini

Hall Pass Procedures

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As part of new legislation to create safer schools within our country, we are creating new hall pass procedures to provide a safer and more stable environment for our students. Students will be allowed to use the restroom four times per quarter during class time.

Students will still have time between classes to utilize the restroom as well as time during lunch, before school, and after school.

In order to use the restroom students will:

  • Obtain permission from the teacher first
  • Get their pass hole punched by the teacher
  • Wear the vest at all times while outside of the classroom
  • Be gone no more than 5 minutes

Students who have medical conditions that are documented with the school administration already have circumstantial passes and will still be allowed to utilize those passes.

Students who have passes remaining at the end of the quarter may turn those passes in for an incentive to the administration.

Passes will not roll over from quarter to quarter and lost passes will not be replaced.

If a student is running an errand for a teacher they will not be required to utilize their hole punch pass, but will be expected to wear their vest.

Message to Parents about Technology
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Adam Waite


We urge parents and guardians to be aware of their children’s online and social media activity. While monitoring cell phone use is one option, we encourage you to talk with your children about social media and to set expectations regarding proper social media behavior and warn them about possible dangers. We are always willing to talk with students and their families about concerns related to social media. Please take a moment to talk to your student tonight and go through their social media with them to look for possible areas of concern. We must monitor our student's online world just as much as we do their physical one.

Thank you,

Principal Becherini

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