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End of Year Library Contest Winners
Adam Waite

Hello Mound Fort Family and Friends!

Over the course of the 2019-2020 school year we have had many dedicated and enthusiastic readers come into our library, now as the end of the year nears we are happy to announce the Top 12 Readers at Mound Fort! Our year long contest is something we keep track of in order to celebrate a love for reading, despite most students not even realizing they are participating, they just love to read! There are many kinds of readers and we believe that all of them should be acknowledge for their hard work and pursuit of knowledge! There are four categories we look at each year; Top Graphic Novel Check-outs, Top Fiction Check-Outs, Top Non-Fiction Check-outs, and our Top Sora User.

Despite the unique situation of this school year we still felt it important for these students to be recognized. We can’t celebrate the way we usually would, but we hope that everyone will join us in applauding these students!


Top Fiction Novel Check-Outs

1.    Stacie Case: 62 Books

2.    Sean Williams: 57 Books

3.    Megan Graham: 51 Books

4.    Kira Romer: 50 Books

5.    Landyn Cole: 30 Books

6.    Ruby Watts: 30 Books


Top Graphic Novel Check-outs

1.     Preston Thomas: 157 Books

2.     Curtis Sherman: 98 Books

3.     Sarah Glanville: 52 Books

4.     Zander Owens: 46 Books

Top Non-Fiction Check-Outs

1.     Alex Banderas: 55 Books

Top Sora User

1.     Absidee Gilchrist: 46 Books


Congratulations everyone!

The above students all will receives prizes, which they can pick up at their convenience Mon-Friday 8 am-12 pm at the school. We have placed their certificates and prizes in envelopes at the front doors, just ask a staff member about them. If you are unable to pick up your prizes that is okay! We can hold on to them until the new school year begins so don’t worry.

It has been a real pleasure to have each and every student in the library this year and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Have a fantastic summer everyone, keep reading!


Mound Fort Library Staff

Mrs. Gieble and Mrs.Gleason


Counseling: Parent Survey request
Adam Waite

Dear MFJH parents:


The counseling department would like all parents to take a brief survey. We want to know the best ways to support students and families at our school. Some of our parents already took this survey at back to school night. The survey takes about 8 minutes to complete. This is valuable information that will help us to better strengthen our counseling program as well as support student growth and achievement.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mr. Simon @


Thank you so much for letting us work with your children. We have wonderful students at MFJH! Please click on the survey below. As you enter the survey make sure to click the drop down box for Mound Fort Jr. High School.


Parent Survey


Adam Waite
Mound Fort Junior High School
Principal Bryan Becherini

Hall Pass Procedures

Professionalism - Perseverance - Progress

As part of new legislation to create safer schools within our country, we are creating new hall pass procedures to provide a safer and more stable environment for our students. Students will be allowed to use the restroom four times per quarter during class time.

Students will still have time between classes to utilize the restroom as well as time during lunch, before school, and after school.

In order to use the restroom students will:

  • Obtain permission from the teacher first
  • Get their pass hole punched by the teacher
  • Wear the vest at all times while outside of the classroom
  • Be gone no more than 5 minutes

Students who have medical conditions that are documented with the school administration already have circumstantial passes and will still be allowed to utilize those passes.

Students who have passes remaining at the end of the quarter may turn those passes in for an incentive to the administration.

Passes will not roll over from quarter to quarter and lost passes will not be replaced.

If a student is running an errand for a teacher they will not be required to utilize their hole punch pass, but will be expected to wear their vest.

November News Letter