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Golden Bear is the longest standing award in Ogden School District.  Once you are a Golden Bear, you are always a Golden Bear.  Students are selected by first being nominated by a teacher or staff member in the building.  They explain the reason that the student deserves this recognition.   Students are then screened to ensure they have no failing grades or behavior concerns.  Those nominated students are then put on a ballet for the staff to vote on to determine who should receive the award.  Recipients represent Mound Fort in a positive way.  They are doing what is right in and out of the classroom.  They work hard to do their best at all they do and encourage others to do the same.  Students are recognized at an assembly where they receive a certificate, bear bag, and their Golden Bear I.D. that serves as a FastPass to get them to the front of the lunch line the entire time they are at Mound Fort.  
Teachers are also awarded Golden Bear and can receive this award each year.  One staff member is selected based on their peer nominations and votes.  Three other staff members are awarded based on student nominations that they fill out during class and turn in.  Even if the staff member does not win the award, they will still receive all of their student nomination forms that share why they believe they should get the award and these mean the world to the staff.  This is the highest honor for the staff to receive this award as well as the students. 

7th Grade Winners

7th Grade Spring Golden Bears

Sophia Martinez:
Since her arrival, she has taken her place at the top of the class. She leads every discussion and is always engaged and professional. She is always positive and works hard to make sure she understands and if she makes any mistakes, she always corrects them and goes the extra mile. She deserves Golden Bear for being a great example of a Golden Bear. - Mr. Conklin 

Jaylee Chadwick: 
For me the name Chadwick is synonymous with quality, hardworking students. Jaylee is exactly that and takes care of her responsibilities, as a student, seriously and with a big smile on her face. My class is a better place by her being in it. She is absolutely Golden Bear material. - Mr. Gualtier 

Mason Daniels: 
Mason is just one of those students that is just reliably awesome. Great grades, great attendance, no behavioral concerns. Just always quietly doing everything a great student does while being an example for those around him. – Mr. Thomas
Mason is such a joy to have in class. He works diligently and strives his best to not only meet expectations but far exceed them. He is one of those students who makes teaching an easy job. - Mrs. McMinn

Teacher - Manuel Saine:
The reason why Mr. Saine deserves a Golden Bear Award is because he helps me out when I need help with work. He is also funny and kind so thank you Mr. Saine for all that you do to make this year great. - Stephen Loertscher

Staff - Miss. Lola:
The reason why they deserve Golden Bear is because she is nice and cares for everyone! Plus, she makes Mound Fort a great place. – Molly Harrison

8th Grade Winners

8th Grade Spring Golden Bears

Peter Mikesell:
If I could only nominate one student a year for this award, it would be Peter. Peter is one of the hardest-working students I have ever had the honor of working with. More than that, he is so positive and helpful. Every single day he goes out of his way to push chairs in and pick up trash on the floor before he leaves class. He is truly the best of the best. - Mrs. Wells

Jaylee Nall:
She 1000% deserves to be a Golden Bear. She is the #1 leader in the Honors Choir. She is an incredible young musician who is going to become a mind-blowing performer as she gets older if she keeps up her work ethic. She is the perfect mixture of talent and musical intelligence. She always wants to make music and sing with her peers. When she had laryngitis, she tried to sing to support her peers, but I wouldn't let her, because I didn't want her to damage your voice long-term. She is incredible and will always be a GOLDEN BEAR in my eyes. - Mrs. Hatch

Ivan Hernandez:
Ivan Hernandez is such a great student. He has become a valuable member of LIA. He helps his committee with projects and is such a great example to the students around him. – Mrs. Chamberlain

Teacher - Mr. Andersen:
Mr. Andersen deserves a Golden Bear Award because no matter what he always wants his students to pass. He is funny and a fun teacher to work with. He makes me excited to learn – Anny P

9th Grade Winners

9th Grade Spring Golden Bears

Marilyn Niebla Sillas:
Marilyn is an awesome student and deserves the honor of Golden Bear! She demonstrates an exceptional work ethic and excels in her academic achievements. Marilyn is determined not only to succeed, but to achieve excellence. Her performance on assignments and tests is impressive! She is responsible, engaged, and dependable. She is also willing to help and support other students in their learning. Marilyn is an all around amazing person and student! – Mrs. Hester

Therisa Tupu:
She is one of the kindest students I know. She cares about others and wants to help when she can. She is also a great student, even though she is still learning English. She works hard everyday in each of her classes. If she doesn't understand something, she is not afraid of asking for help. She is what a Golden Bear should be. - Mr. Hansen 

Arianna Martinez:
Arianna has such a sweet spirit. She is always eager to learn and strives to do well on her projects. She understands the importance of hard work and is developing a great work ethic. It's a great pleasure to have Arianna in my class this semester. – Mr. Carpenter

Victor Herrera:
Victor is just phenomenal. A fantastic student who is as hard-working as he is kind and respectful. An example to all. Víctor es simplemente fenomenal. Un fantástico estudiante tan trabajador como amable y respetuoso. Un ejemplo para todos.- Mr. Thomas
He's always willing to help out other students. He's a great example of working hard. He is what a golden bear should be. - Mrs. Lili Silos

Teacher - Mrs. Chamberlain:
She deserves it because she’s always there if you need someone to talk to. She pushes you to succeed, she is just a great teacher overall. - Ximena Tinajero 

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