Community Service Obligations


State law requires a school district to provide alternatives in lieu of fee waivers for students who are eligible for fee waivers (except for textbooks), “to the fullest extent reasonably possible according to individual circumstances of both fee waiver applicant and school,” consistent with local board policies and/or guidelines. Your student will have several options from which to choose in completing the community service requirement. Those options include:

● Community service at the school, such as tutorial assistance to other students, or service outside of regular school hours as a student aide to school staff;

● Community service in the community; or

● When special needs require, community service in the home.

Students may not provide community service to their own employers, nor may they fulfill a community service requirement by working for a commercial establishment other than a facility such as a nursing home or hospital where volunteer services are commonly provided.

Community service requirements must be appropriate to the age, physical condition, and maturity of the student; must be conducted in such a way that students are not subjected to embarrassment, ridicule, or humiliation; and must not provide direct private benefit to school employees or their families. In addition, community service requirements must avoid excessive burdens on students and families and give proper consideration to a student's educational and transportation needs and other responsibilities. If circumstances arise which make it too difficult for a student to complete a community service assignment, notify the school principal immediately to determine what adjustments should be made. Failure to complete a community service assignment may result in denial of fee waivers.

 Community service hour requirements will be computed using a formula based upon not less than the minimum hourly wage. For example, if a fee-waiver eligible student is assessed $100 for school fees and the school policy is based upon a $5 per hour community service credit, then the student may be required to perform up to 20 hours of community service. Community service students will not be considered to be employees of those for whom they provide the service, and no money will be paid to the students or to the school in return for community service.

Regular employees who work in places where students perform community services may not be replaced, nor may their hours be reduced, as a result of the students' community service activities. Community service is intended to supplement existing services, not replace that which is already being done by others.

(Name of Student)___________________________________ agrees to complete ___________ hours of community Service (describe briefly) 


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